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Präzisionstechnik Resources Altenburg (PTR)


For over 20 years PTR has been specialising in the machining and assembly of differential housings. From its modern, state-of-the-art factory, located in Altenburg, Germany, we supply Tier 1 and vehicle manufacturers.

PTR works in partnership with our customers, supporting them from the first point of contact and offering optimised, bespoke services to meet their requirements.

Based in our own prototyping centre, we are able to offer a highly efficient service and we are constantly working to find new ways to improve our processes and efficencies.

We are able to draw on many years of experience in machining and system assembly as well high quality standards.




Leipziger Str. 83,
04600 Altenburg,

Plant Information


Altenburg, Germany

Foundry Capacity:

2,000,000 Differential Housings


Automated CNC Machining Lines
Balancing Machines
Measuring Machines
Washing Machines
Assembly Station


Differential Housings


Passenger Cars

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