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  • bowie-listing-2020-small

    What Bowie's Tribute Car Means For 3D Printed Parts

    22 Feb 2019

    Music giant David Bowie certainly left his mark on modern pop culture. With a back catalogue to rival the very best songwriters, his legend was fuelled by a chameleon like ability to interchange between several different personas; each as iconic as the last.

    From Ziggy Stardust to Halloween Jack, Bowie’s eternal evolution garnered a cult following, one that continues long after his death in 2016. This loyalty was best demonstrated at last month’s Festival Automobile International event in Paris where, to the delight of fans, a new Bowie concept car was unveiled. As tributes go this is quite something.

  • reinventing-wheel-listing-2020-small

    Reinventing The Wheel

    18 Feb 2019

    With the world population currently in excess of 7.5 Billion and still predicted to increase, there has never been so many cars on the road in all of human history. Coupled with the fact that these cars are ballooning in size; car parking space has become a precious commodity and a serious problem. Indeed for many a universal equivalent of Tesla's Smart Summon, which automatically finds a space for you, cannot come quock enough.

  • holographics-listing-2020-small

    What Are Holographic Head Up Displays?

    1 Feb 2019

    Of all the new technologies that emerge for use in automobiles, ones that improve safety usually find their way into widespread use.

    It’s also true that most new technologies begin life reserved for a select few high-end vehicles, before eventually disseminating their way down the automotive family tree and into the average hatchback or supermini. 

    A piece of tech that attracted a lot of attention at the beginning of 2019 benefits from being both a safety improvement and quite a cool piece of kit – one that just about any car owner would like to have the option of using.

  • camshaft-listing-2020-small

    What is A Camshaft and How Does it Work?

    30 Jan 2019

    Camshafts are another of the many critical components required to enable a combustion engine to work, but what exactly is a camshaft and why is its role so important?

  • kia-monitors-listing-2020-small

    KIA's In Car System Monitors Your Mood

    28 Jan 2019

    It is a new year and the rise of the autonomous vehicle shows no signs of slowing down in 2019. Few however have posed the question of what lies beyond the self-driving car. That was until KIA unveiled their new READ technology earlier this month and proceeded to melt minds whilst simultaneously readjusting our perception of reality.

  • dashboard-tech-listing-2020-small

    Dashboard Technology

    16 Jan 2019

    Traditionally the dashboard in the standard road car has been made up of buttons, switches and dials; uniformly identifiable in all makes of cars and only slightly modified by manufacturers.

    This useful consistency is somewhat counterbalanced by most vehicles having subtly different layouts which tend to only become apparent at inopportune moments when driving an unfamiliar vehicle - such as when trying to locate the central locking button with all your passengers waiting impatiently in the cold.

    Aside from these inconveniences, and maybe not knowing what some of the warning lights on a dashboard mean, the system works – but technological advances have been at a minimum.

  • dual-clutch-listing-2020-small

    What's A Dual Clutch Transmission and How Does It Work?

    18 Dez 2018

    Despite what is undoubtably very clever and complex engineering, the Double (or Dual) Clutch Transmission (DCT), has a mixed reputation with drivers and has not achieved the level of ubiquity many thought it would.

    Sitting in the middle ground between an automatic and a manual transmission, the simplest way of describing their operation, is that they’re an automatically operated manual transmission – achieved by using two clutches.

  • classic-cars-listing-2020-small

    The Future of Classic Cars

    18 Dez 2018

    In television and film there are rare occurrences of cars transcending their human character counterparts and becoming the defining image of said film or tv show. The 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 from Bullitt, the 1969 Dodge Charger from the Dukes of Hazards, Cameron’s Dads Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder from Ferris Buellers Day off and even the 1981 De Lorean DMC – 12 from Back to the Future.

    These cars have become iconic pop culture images and the appetite for classic cars is still strong, with over half a million classic or historic vehicles in the UK - in fact the UK government estimates the classic car industry to be worth of up to £5.5bn. However, is the classic car in danger of becoming extinct on our roads?

  • brake-discs-listing-2020-small

    Types of Brake Disc

    17 Dez 2018

    Of the many crucial systems present on a vehicle, the brakes are of particular importance as they afford the occupants the ability to stop once in motion.

    We’ve talked before about how other components of braking systems work, such as the callipers, as well as going into detail on the specific types of brake pads available. It’s now the turn of another of the key components, the brakes disc itself - or brake rotor as they’re also known.

  • xmas-gifts-listing-2020-small

    Christmas Gift Ideas for Motorists

    17 Dez 2018

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, apparently. Those of us scrambling around looking for late stocking fillers would beg to differ of course. Indeed, for the time pressured Christmas shopping is something to be endured as opposed to enjoyed. Yet as Cliff Richard quite rightly pronounced; it’s a time for giving and for getting – meaning for all the stress, subtle hints could very well lead to some form of reward for the Scrooge like too.

    For car enthusiasts there are no shortage of gifts certain to bring festive cheer this yule tide. A quick internet search will propose everything from customised air fresheners, to Scalextric if you are feeling particularly nostalgic. In a bid to sort the Lambos from the Gremlins however, we have highlighted some of the best presents for petrol heads…

  • motion-sickness-listing-2020-small

    An End To Motion Sickness?

    30 Nov 2018

    Motion sickness is debilitating and can throw travel plans into chaos. Sufferers are beset with bouts of nausea so troublesome they leave them unable to drive – or be driven – for an extended period of time. Worse still technology has been unable to assist in combatting the problem…until now.

  • vision-urbanetic-listing-2020-small

    Vision Urbanetic

    29 Nov 2018

    When Mercedes revealed the Vision Urbanetic, the world got another glimpse into the future of automotive travel.

  • hydrogen-train-listing-2020-small

    Hydrogen Powered Trains - What Took So long?

    20 Nov 2018

    The world’s first hydrogen powered train has entered service in Germany, providing clean and quiet energy for a section of line 100km long. But as with so many alternative fuels, it raises the question of what took so long for a seemingly better alternative to get its chance.

  • nexo-listing-2020-small

    The Hyundai NEXO Reverses Pollution

    14 Nov 2018

    Global climate change has come to the forefront of world news again, with experts giving the most extensive warnings yet on the risks of rising temperatures. The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change issued a 33 page-special report on the impact of global warming of 1.5C; citing energy, land use, cities and industry as four main global systems that need significant change.

  • women-engineering-listing-2020-small

    Women In Engineering

    8 Nov 2018

    The world is already standing on the brink of its next revolution. Despite still negotiating its way through the last one brought about by the invention of the internet and perpetuated by wireless technology, developments in another area are again about to change how we live our lives forever.

  • congestion-listing-2020-small

    Easing Congestion

    29 Okt 2018

    A lot of work goes into analysing traffic behaviour and how jams are forced. Around the world, there are entire departments dedicated to studying the characteristics of road design and driver behaviour, all trying to optimise traffic flow.

  • supercharger-listing-2020-small

    Turbos, Superchargers and Naturally Aspirated Engines

    25 Okt 2018

    Naturally Aspirated engines used to be the standard model, with those running turbos or superchargers either performance models or after market modifications. However, as the automotive landscaped changed, turbocharged engines found themselves becoming far more widespread.

  • speakers-listing-2020-small

    A Car Stereo With No Speakers?

    19 Okt 2018

    Ever sat in the passenger seat of a car and bemoaned the driver’s choice in music? There really is nothing worse than settling in for a long journey only to be met with a style of music you just can’t tolerate. When trapped within a personal concert of somebody else’s making, that monstrous walk you sought to avoid suddenly seems an attractive proposition.

  • am-listing-2020-small

    Aston Martin Appoint First Female Chair

    25 Sep 2018

    Aston Martin caused a bit of a stir when they announced their plans to float 25% of the company for a desired £1.1 billion, valuing the company at £4.3 billion.

    Electing to do so during the height of Brexit turmoil has led to some debate over the timing of the float. To raise such a figure when confidence in the UK is so low is no small feat, with many failing to see enough appetite from investors to take such a risk.

  • e10-listing-2020-smalljpg

    What Is E10 and Why Is It A Problem?

    20 Sep 2018

    Within two years your local garage forecourt may very well be selling an environmentally friendly fuel billed as E10. Despite aiding efforts to cut greenhouse emissions nationwide there is one notable drawback … not all cars will be compatible.

    Yes, as unlikely as it seems, almost one million of us will be warned off this ‘greener gas’ due to the sheer age of our vehicles. Moreover, it is not just archaic motors excluded from the party.

  • zero-tolderance-listing-2020-small

    Zero Tolerance Speed Limits

    18 Sep 2018

    Back in January 2018 it was widely reported that the head of Road Policing for the National Police Chief Council, Anthony Bangham, wanted to implement a zero tolerance policy in regards to drivers that exceed the speed limit.

    He was heard at the Police Federation’s road policing conference effectively saying exceeding the speed limit by any amount should result in the driver being punished and/or prosecuted because they broke law.

  • gt-r50-listing-2020-small

    The GT-R50

    28 Aug 2018

    Italdesign is a renowned automotive development company that just so happened to begin its life at the same time the first Nissan Skyline was produced – and to celebrate they’ve teamed up to produce the jaw dropping GT-R50 in honour of its 50th anniversary...

    Essentially a redesign of the GT-R35, this one-off piece has been extensively modified to produce a fitting tribute to such a fine racing lineage.

  • ac-listing-2020-small

    Are You Using Your Air Conditioning Correctly?

    20 Aug 2018

    The UK is in the midst of a summer heatwave and as temperatures soar so too does the need for an effective air conditioning system. When left parked in the sun your car takes on the role of a steel sweatbox, one you soon have the misfortune of having to clamber back into.

    Come such time an inclination to hit the AC button is instant, heck if a bucket of ice was handy you would probably immerse yourself in that just as quickly.

  • parking-listing-2020-small

    The Future of Roads - The Parking Problem

    25 Jul 2018

    You may or may not have heard of ‘Road to Zero’. It’s the government’s plan to become a world leader in zero and ultra-low emission vehicle technology, and one of the plans primary ambitions is for at least 50% of all new car sales to be ultra-low emission or better by 2030.

  • smartphones-listing-2020-small

    Smartphones To Work As Car Keys

    16 Jul 2018

    All too many of us are these days glued to our handheld devices and mobile phones in particular. Well, there will soon be another reason to keep yours close-by. That’s because an elite group of technological giants have joined forces to create digital keys, the kind designed to make the unlocking of cars that bit easier.

  • porsche-919-listing-2020-small

    Porsche 919 Evo Breaks Nürburgring Lap Record

    13 Jul 2018

    History was made at the end of June when the Porsche 919 Evo smashed a 35 year old track record to smithereens. In scenes scarcely believable, the sports-prototype made mincemeat of Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit, completing a full lap in a remarkable 5:19.55s.

    Shocked? The feat is more surprising when considering the sheer make-up of the car, which doesn't include the monstrously sized engine you would expect.

  • barriers-listing-2020-small

    The Future of Roads - Crash Barriers

    28 Jun 2018

    When travelling on Britain’s motorways one of the most prominent features of the journey are the crash barriers lining the way. These steel constructions are designed to prevent vehicles leaving the road in the event of an incident, while dissipating some of the impact energy.

    Vehicles leaving roadways, particularly at high speeds, are extremely dangerous and represent a threat to life for not only those travelling in the vehicle, but to anyone in the vicinity too.

  • devel-listing-2020-small

    The Devel Sixteen - Beyond 300mph...

    26 Jun 2018

    A while ago we wrote about What Happens at 300mph, which explored the problems and limitations facing hyper car manufacturers in their quest to best a truly astounding speed. Breaking through this barrier in a road legal car is a monumental feat of engineering, and worthy of recognition if and when someone succeeds in achieving it.

  • money-listing-2020-small

    How Car Accessories Can Save You Money

    18 Jun 2018

    Motorists the world over are looking for ways to save money. Even those cruising around in Lamborghini’s appreciate a good deal and the rise in aftermarket car accessories mean plenty abound. Knowing what to lookout for however is not so easy.

    Indeed so many gadgets exist in 2018 that combing through them can prove painstaking. Sorting the must haves from the nice to haves however pays dividends longer-term.

  • car-systems-listing-2020-small

    11 Car Safety Systems Set To Become Mandatory

    14 Jun 2018

    The European Union are on a mission to stop all road deaths. Yes, you read that correctly.

    What on the surface seems like wild optimism has is in fact been strategized and last month a plan titled Vision Zero was unveiled to the world. Its remit is simple in theory if not reality, to achieve ‘close to zero fatalities and serious injuries’ on highways across the continent. As if to complicate matters the powers that be have given themselves a mere 30 years to realise the ambition.

  • country-listing-2020-small

    What Car Sells The Most In Which Country

    1 Jun 2018

    End of year reports go some way to revealing just how well (or poorly) a car manufacturer has performed. Sometimes however raw sales do not tell the whole story. Far from it.

    Indeed greater insight is often found in assessing what sold where. Geography has long played a significant role in the motoring industry, with certain countries boasting certain favourites. And clear preference can shape strategy.

  • 50mph-listing-2020-small

    Could 50mph Speed Limits Become More Common?

    30 Mai 2018

    The Welsh government have announced plans to introduce 50mph speed limits on five stretches of motorway from June. New speed cameras will be installed in a bid to tackle harmful Nitrogen Dioxide emissions that pollution critics believe have been swept under the carpet in recent times. The announcement has received mixed reviews to put it kindly and ignited fierce debate nationwide.

  • ez-go-listing-2020-small

    Is The EZ-GO The Future of Taxis?

    21 Mai 2018

    At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show Renault revealed a concept car detailing their vision of how ride hailing services would operate in the not too distant future – the EZ-GO.

    The EZ-GO is an electrically powered, level 4 autonomous vehicle, meaning it will operate independently of a driver. It will certainly need that ability as one of the most obvious features missing from the vehicle is a drivers seat - as well as basic controls like a steering wheel and pedals.

  • left-foot-listing-2020-small

    What Is Left Foot Braking?

    18 Mai 2018

    Left foot braking is a driving technique that can be used with all different types of transmissions to varying degrees - but is it something that should be employed often, or even at all?

    Assuming you learnt to drive in a car with a manual transmission, your driving instructor would have taught you to use your right foot for the accelerator and brake while your left was for the clutch. Alternatively, if learning in an automatic it’s very likely your right did everything while your left foot did nothing.

  • smart-motorways-listing-2020-small

    The Future of Roads - Smart Motorways

    4 Mai 2018

    The very first smart motorway was implemented on the M42 east of Birmingham back in 2006. This pilot programme examined the effects of using monitoring technology to manage and enhance traffic flow efficiency, instead of committing to road widening construction programmes.

    The data gathered by that first scheme ascertained that journey reliability on Smart motorways could be improved by 22%, and also that the number of accidents that resulted in injury was reduced by half while their severity was also significantly reduced.

  • awards-listing-2020-small

    World Car of The Year - British Design Wins Again

    3 Mai 2018

    The prestigious World Car Awards were held in New York earlier this month, shining a light on the best the automotive industry had to offer in 2017/18. Recognised as the leading ceremony of its kind the WCA’s are bestowed on the say so of storied writers from all corners of the globe.

  • classic-car-listing-2020-small

    Who's Restoring The Classic Car Industry?

    2 Mai 2018

    The classic car industry is worth a staggering £5.5 billion to the UK economy but is now faced with the very real prospect of extinction. Indeed of the 34,900 people believed to work within the sector an average age of 42 hints at, or more accurately screams at, a precarious disconnect amongst today’s youth.

    Strident efforts are predictably being made to breathe new life into the restoration of vintage vehicles and by extension pique the interest of a whole new generation. They’re needed.

  • differential-listing-2020-small

    Types of Differential and How They Work

    25 Apr 2018

    Like most things on modern automobiles, the simple piece of gearing known as a differential has seen constant refinement and experimentation - leading to a range of types each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

    The concept of the differential – that is, to allow wheels mounted on the same axle to rotate independently of each other – is an ancient design, with the first known instance of its use recorded in China during the 1st millennium BC.

  • engineering-2018-listing-2020-small

    The State of Engineering 2018

    24 Apr 2018

    With the first quarter of 2018 past us, the report compiled by EngineeringUK on the state of engineering related industries and employment for 2017 makes for interesting reading. Unfortunately much of it sounds all too familiar.

    It’s no secret that the current demand for skilled engineers is far exceeding the current supply, with 61% of engineering associated businesses in the UK not being confident they will be able to fill their higher skilled positions. 

  • vizzion-listing-2020-small

    VW's Vizzion

    19 Apr 2018

    Motor enthusiasts were afforded a glimpse into Volkswagen’s future this month when the car giant unveiled plans for a signature EV model. Choosing the Geneva Auto Show to debut the aptly titled Vizzion, chief executive Matthais Muller proudly talked up plans for an augmented reality, one in which drivers navigate via facial scanning no less.

    It is certainly high tech stuff and progress underlining VW’s commitment to producing one million electric vehicles by 2025.

  • production-listing-2020-small

    EURAC Production 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    17 Apr 2018

  • 911-listing-2020-small

    Is The Porsche 911 Ready To Embrace Electricity?

    16 Apr 2018

    Porsche have teased images of the latest instalment to their flagship model, the hallowed 911. While excitement builds ahead of a 2019 launch, rumours abound as to future incarnations and whether electrification will soon come as standard.

    It seems a logical enough step, does it not?

  • manufacturer-listing-2020-small

    Who Was The Top Car Manufacturer in 2017?

    12 Apr 2018

    Volkswagen sold more cars than any of their competitors in 2017, pipping Toyota to the ‘crown’ for a second year in succession.

    In a record breaking twelve months for the German manufacturer combined sales hit the 10.7 million mark, contributing to revenue in excess of $367 billion. The figures are eye-watering and proof that reports of a demise – or even a blip – were in actuality greatly exaggerated.

  • bumps-listing-2020-small

    The Future of Roads: Liquid Speed Bumps

    9 Apr 2018

    The simple speed bump, or ‘traffic calming’ measure in city planner speak, has been present on UK roads for closing on 50 years. Whilst their intention as a low cost method to prevent speeding may have been virtuous, their generic application of effect has caused problems.

    Every driver crossing one has to slow down considerably or risk damaging their car. So rather than being a method of slowing down speeding drivers, they are instead a punishment to all drivers regardless of their intent to speed or not.

  • space-listing-2020-small

    What Do You Get If You Cross A Tesla Roadster...

    28 Mar 2018

    As ambitions go launching a car into space is a pretty lofty one, but that’s exactly what happened in February when the Tesla Roadster became the first automobile to enter orbit.

    A long held goal of engineer turned inventor turned business mogul Elon Musk, this venture sees his two companies combine for an altogether different kind of mission. Indeed the Tesla Roadster has been attached to a Falcon Heavy rocket no less, allowing for a top speed in keeping with galaxies if not motorways.

  • driverless-tech-listing-2020-small

    What Driverless Tech Is Already In Your Car?

    8 Mar 2018

    The future is upon us. As recently as a decade ago the very idea of self-driving cars remained fanciful. In 2018 that concept is a reality, sort of.

    Indeed the connected and autonomous industry has developed at a rate of knots and far quicker than anyone anticipated. Technological advancement has led us to a point where nearly all newly built models boast a score of at least one on the Level of Automation (LOA) scale. It rises to five, in case you were wondering

  • traffic-cost-listing-2020-small

    How Much Does Traffic Cost?

    2 Mar 2018

    Traffic jams are the scourge of drivers everywhere. Indeed there is seemingly no escape from congestion nor the retrieval of hours frittered away to queues and tailbacks. But can our frustration be monetised? How much are standstills truly costing the British taxpayer? Fortunes, it transpires.

    Indeed research conducted by data analysts INRIX show that the UK lost a staggering £37.7 billion to traffic jams last year.

  • ceramic-listing-2020-small

    What Are Carbon-Ceramic Brakes?

    1 Mar 2018

    Using carbon and ceramics in braking systems offers significant advantages over other materials, but the processes involved in their manufacture are considerably lengthy and more expensive – why are they so expensive and is it worth the cost?

    Perhaps an indicator to their eventual cost, the use of heat resistant carbon/ceramic based materials originated in the ever so expensive endeavour of space exploration.


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