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  • 8 Decarbonisation Tactics That Are Cleaning Up Automotive Manufacturing

    1 Jun 2023

    Decarbonisation refers to the process of reducing or eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - and other greenhouse gases - from human activities.

  • MAT Foundry Grows Its Sustainability Efforts with Tree Planting Initiative

    30 Mai 2023

  • decarbonsation-listing-small

    8 Decarbonisation Tactics That Are Cleaning Up Automotive Manufacturing

    30 Mai 2023

    The primary objective of decarbonisation is to mitigate climate change and its associated impacts, by transitioning to low-carbon or carbon-neutral alternatives.

  • alcolocks-listing

    Revealed: How Tired Drivers Could Soon Be Targeted With New Breathalysers

    12 Mai 2023

    You’re probably familiar with the slogan ‘Tiredness Kills’ but did you know getting behind the wheel of a car on less than five hours sleep can be equally as dangerous as doing so drunk or high?

  • drones-small

    Dangerous Drivers Beware... Drones Are Watching

    13 Apr 2023

    UK roads are set to be policed from the sky, courtesy of cutting-edge drone technology.

  • e-fuel-listing-small-23

    What is E-Fuel?

    6 Apr 2023

    Electrofuel – or “e-fuel” - refers to a type of synthetic fuel that is produced from renewable energy sources (such as solar or wind power), using a process called power-to-liquid (PtL).

  • International Women's Day at Mincer HD

    15 Mar 2023

  • car-colours-small

    What Do Car Colours Tells Us About UK Motorists?

    15 Mar 2023

    Year-end analysis makes for fascinating reading, no more so than in the motoring industry. We’ve already written about the best-selling cars of 2022 but new findings have revealed the most popular colours among that number.

  • cornering-listing-small

    What Is Trail Braking and Why Do Racing Drivers Use It?

    14 Mar 2023

    The world of motorsport is all about fine margins. Shaving milliseconds off a lap time could bring huge rewards, even championships… hence that never-ending search for an advantage, however small.

  • bmw-e-ink-listing-small

    What is BMW E Ink?

    16 Feb 2023

    First shown at CES 2022 on the BMW iX Flow, BMW E Ink is a film coating that can be applied to a car’s exterior – and it’s very, very different to your standard paint job.

  • dangerous-roads-listing-small

    Beware The Most Dangerous Driving Roads In The World

    13 Feb 2023

    When a need for speed is satisfied what next for motoring’s adrenaline junkies? The answer it seems lies not in the track but the terrain. And the tougher the better.

  • uk-best-selling-cars-2022-listing-small

    The UK's Bestselling Cars 2022

    23 Jan 2023

    In the United Kingdom, 2022 saw one of the most competitive car marketplaces in recent history.

  • Children's Inn Mincer HD 2022

    6 Jan 2023

  • solarbotanic-trees-listing-small

    SolarBotanic Trees Enable Growth of Sustainable Charging Points

    3 Jan 2023

    The University of Sheffield is changing the game when it comes to renewable energy with their revolutionary SolarBotanic Trees.

  • apple-car-2-list-small

    What Next For The Apple Car?

    12 Dez 2022

    Last summer MAT Foundry explored the prospect of a maiden Apple Car. Widely viewed as the industry’s worst kept secret, 1,000 engineers had reportedly convened to work on Project Titan.

  • drivescore-listing-small

    Revealed: Which UK Country Produces The Best Drivers

    21 Nov 2022

    The football World Cup will see England and Wales go head-to-head in Qatar this Autumn, but the Home Nations have already faced off in a new motoring study.

  • Calaveritas Event Held at Mincer HD

    21 Nov 2022

  • le-mans-listing-small

    100 Years of 24 Hours of Le Mans: The Story of The World's Oldest Endurance Racing Event

    9 Nov 2022

    It’s the event that changed motorsport forever and remains the pinnacle of competitive racing as we know it. Now, the 24 Hour Le Mans is set to turn 100.

  • EURAC Poole Strike Partnership With Poole Town FC

    13 Okt 2022

  • vibrating-car-list-small

    Could A Vibrating Car Improve Drag? Porsche Think So...

    12 Okt 2022

    Porsche take car aerodynamics seriously. So seriously in fact that they’re prepared to add vibrations to future models in order to reduce drag.

  • green-hydrogen-list-small

    Making Hydrogen Fuel from Air

    3 Okt 2022

    If the prices of petrol and diesel at the pumps have given you that sinking feeling, you might be uplifted by the latest research… Next generation vehicles could be fuelled by none other than the air around us.

  • flags-list-small

    Eurac Poole: A Leader in Casting and Machining Innovation

    31 Aug 2022

  • ev-live-22-listing-small

    EV Live Launched To Bust Common Electric Vehicle Misconceptions

    8 Aug 2022

    When it comes to the ban of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK, 2030 marks the spot. Similar moves to reduce carbon emissions are being made across the globe.

  • oversteering-listing-small

    What Is Oversteering and How Do You Correct It?

    12 Jul 2022

    Whisper it but oversteering can be fun. Just ask rally drivers who exit corners at 100mph.

  • green-infographic-list-small

    Our Future Sustainability Targets

    12 Jul 2022

    Sustainability and environmental protection has always been an important topic for MFG.

  • rare-car-colour-list-small

    Rare Car Colours Retain More Value

    6 Jul 2022

    If you’re a fan of loud aesthetics but your sensible side has stopped you from investing in a dazzler at the dealership, this study by iSeeCars might be the eye candy you’ve been looking for.

  • Mincer HD Shows Solidarity Following Local Tragedy

    27 Jun 2022

  • what3words-list-small

    Jaguar Land Rover Team Up With What3Words To Offer Geocoding Tech For Drivers

    22 Jun 2022

    Although satellite navigation is a luxury that far surpasses stopping in a layby with an A3 road atlas, we’ve come to admit that the technology can be far from perfect.

  • carplay-list-small

    Apple CarPlay To Deepen Its In-Car Technology Offering

    8 Jun 2022

    For commuters, hours spent behind the wheel are no longer an empty abyss of flipping through radio stations until the office car park beckons.

  • MAT Foundry Embrace AI-Powered Monitizer | PRESCRIBE To Drive Smarter Green Initiatives

    18 Mai 2022

  • backing-plate-blog-small

    What Are Backing Plates and Do We Really Need Them?

    16 Mai 2022

  • tv-car-small

    The Highway Code Change That Will Allow TV To Be Watched In Self-Driving Cars

    11 Mai 2022

    While congestion is here to stay – for a while yet, anyway – a new announcement could provide motorists with a means of catching those opening credits and/or kick-off in transit.

  • fuel-duty-listing-small

    What Is Fuel Duty and How Is It Calculated?

    21 Apr 2022

    In 2022, UK petrol and diesel prices surged to record levels, paving the way for what many have described as a cost-of-living crisis.

  • expert-rating-index-listing-small

    Revealed: The Country That Produces The Best Cars

    21 Apr 2022

    It’s a debate as old as the automobile itself: which country produces the best cars? Well, now we know. Sort of.

  • power-ev-listing-2020-small

    300,000 Public EV Chargers To Be Available In The UK By 2030

    13 Apr 2022

    When it comes to purchasing a new car, the idea of switching from petrol to plug-in can be daunting – and with a ban on new fuel vehicle sales looming in 2030, there’s not a whole lot of time to change public perception.

  • MAT Foundry Advance Eco Efforts With Sand Reclamation

    12 Apr 2022

    Sand is a vital resource in many manufacturing practices – particularly when producing parts for the automotive or construction industries.

  • ford-ev-university-small

    EV Investment Expands with Ford Electric University

    17 Mar 2022

    With electric vehicles hailed as the future of car ownership, Ford have decided to turbo-power their commitment to the market with an all-new ‘Electric University’ EV Training School.

  • automated-vehicle-levels-small-22

    Changing How We Speak About Automated Vehicles

    21 Feb 2022

    Whether you’re tantalised or terrified by the prospect of “self-driving” cars, one thing’s for certain – automotive technology is working hard to assist drivers and reduce their on-road workload.

  • global-car-sales-small-22

    2021 Global Automotive Sales Trends

    21 Feb 2022

    Globally, the UK remains in the top 10 for automotive sales – but in 2021, its market for new passenger cars sunk to an all-time low, with a decrease of 28.7% on pre-pandemic numbers.

  • connected-car-list-small

    Connected Cars: The Next Generation of In-Car Technology

    27 Jan 2022

    With Smart Home technology working its way from ‘space-age’ to ‘run-of-the-mill’ in the mind of consumers, it was only a matter of time until the giants of IoT and automotive put their pedals to the metal.

  • car-sales-21-small

    Best Selling Cars of 2021: The EV Takeover

    12 Jan 2022

    Since the emergence of COVID-19, the motor industry has experienced a sales slump – but the release of the 2021 closing figures gave a glimmer of hope, not least for the growing electric vehicle (EV) sector.

  • e-rating-list-large

    New Rating System Launched To Rank Efficiency of Electric Vehicles

    16 Dez 2021

    By the end of this year sales of electric vehicles in the UK are expected to tip 300,000.

    It’s high time then that motorists were able to gauge the efficiency of EVs in the same way they can home appliances like washing machines.

  • veluwemeer-aqueduct-small-list

    The Dutch Aqueduct That Allows Cars To Travel Underwater... Sort Of

    15 Dez 2021

    It’s been described as the coolest road in the world and, in light of new drone footage, few would dispute that assessment.

  • braking-systems-small

    'Braking' Down Our Brakes: Race Cars vs. Standard Cars

    23 Nov 2021

    Track days are for pushing sport and race cars to the limit.

    Only a fool, or a TopGear presenter, would gun a standard road car around the likes of Brands Hatch or Donnington Park.

    Image and ambition aside, there’s another very good reason for that. Brakes.

  • peugoet-female-list-small

    Women In Automotive Continue To Steer Success

    22 Nov 2021

    For the motor industry, fuelling female representation is a hot topic.

    According to Deloitte’s Women in Automotive Industry report, 90% of women feel they are under-represented in leadership positions.

  • camshaft-listing-small

    What Is A Camshaft and How Does It Work? (Infographic)

    16 Nov 2021

  • williams-climate-positive-listing-small

    Williams Set To Become F1s First Climate Positive Team

    18 Okt 2021

    It’s been 24 years since Williams last produced a Formula 1 world champion.

    In that period they’ve had precious little to shout about, the nadir surely being three consecutive last place finishes between 2018 and 2020.

    But now the legendary constructors are looking to pip their rivals to a rather different title.

  • google-maps-listing-small

    Google Maps Goes Green - How Drivers Can Now Plan Carbon Friendly Routes

    14 Okt 2021

    The eyes of the world will be on Glasgow this month as the highly anticipated COP26 gets underway.

    For the first time in six years, international governments will convene to thrash out means of tackling global warming.


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