Eurac named Continental AG Supplier of the year 2015

Eurac, a subsidiary of MAT Foundry Group, specialising in the manufacturing of brake discs, has received the prestigious Continental AG Supplier of the year award for 2015.

Eurac picked up the award at Continental AG’s Continental Supplier Day 2016 on June 29th in Dresden, Germany.

Amongst the awards given, in the category “Interior Aftermarket” Eurac was awarded the best supplier of 2015.

The award was presented by Dr. Elmar Degenhart, CEO of Continental AG, and accepted on behalf of Eurac by Thomas Krosnar, President of MAT Foundry Group and Peter Ebeling, General Manager of Eurac Lemgo.  

Continental - MAT Foundry

Image courtesy of Continental

On awarding Eurac with their prize, Continental AG informed the audience that Eurac were successful due to their “Good service mentality, customer orientation, state of the art technology, long and reliable partnership, flexibility, good BCC strategy and being fast in developing new technologies”.

Thomas Krosnar, President of MAT Foundry Group Ltd

“This is a great honour. We strive for excellence in all we do so to have it recognised by an organisation as prestigious and widely respected as Continental AG is humbling.

It is a proud moment for Eurac and the MAT Foundry Group as a whole and one we intend to build on.”

About Eurac Ltd

Eurac is a member of the MAT Foundry Group, with three manufacturing facilities located across Europe. Foundries in the UK and Czech Republic produce over 100,000 tonnes of grey iron castings per year and machining facilities in the UK, Czech Republic and Germany that specialise in brake disc production and distribution. Whether supplying OEM’s , performance disc manufactures including the major racing brands and leading brands in the aftermarket, Eurac produce and operate to the same high quality standards including OEM casting material specification. Eurac is proud of its reputation as one of Europe’s leading brake disc manufacturers.

About MAT Foundry Group Ltd

With seven foundries & 11 machining facilities in countries worldwide, over $400M US dollars revenue, 350.000 tons of iron produced (grey and ductile), and 2.000 dedicated employees working to supply products for OEM's Tier 1 and the Aftermarket, MAT Foundry Group is a leading global manufacturer of automotive braking components. Having a long history in the OE European braking market, the group has leveraged years of expertise, technology, and 18 state of the art manufacturing facilities worldwide, 8 sales offices and 4 European technology centres, MAT Foundry Group responds to market by producing the highest quality components in all its products lines. The list of MAT Foundry Group includes MAT Foundries Europe, MAT Machining Europe, PTR, Eurac, MAT Dalian Auto Parts, Dania, Mincer HD and Schmidt Automotive.

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