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Product Overview

Brake callipers do as much as any component to help a car stop.

Put simply, they form the part of a disc brake that squeezes surrounding pads against the side of a rotor, whenever the brake pedal is applied. Resulting friction brings the vehicle to a halt. Crucially, any excessive heat build-up is dispersed due to the design of the brake systems.

Callipers come in two forms, floating and fixed.

The first of those sees them move in and out relative to the rotor. One or two pistons are typically found on the inboard side of the rotor and push the entire calliper when pressure is applied to the brake. This helps to create friction on either side.

More popular - but more expensive - are fixed callipers. As the name suggests, these don’t move but rather see pistons arranged on opposing sides of the rotor.

The MAT Foundry Group have long been market leaders in the manufacture of both brake callipers and heavy-duty brake callipers alike. We actively engage in the early development phase in order to design the best product for optimal performance, all at the lowest weight and cost.

We currently manufacture brake calliper housing and brackets for commercial and passenger vehicles.


How Do They Work?

Standard car wheels are attached to brake discs – or rotors as they are otherwise known. Callipers slow the wheels by creating friction with said rotors.

They are draped over the brake disc in a vice like grip. Within each calliper are two metal plates bonded with friction material – better known as brake pads. These also come in two forms, outboard (intended for the outside of the rotor) and inboard (intended for the inside).

When drivers brake, brake fluid emerges from the master cylinder and adds hydraulic pressure to one or more pistons within the calliper.

This forces pad against rotor.

Due to the high friction surface of the former, it manages to slow the spinning rotor and, by extension, wheels.


Brake Calliper Facts

The MAT Foundry Group produce 27 million brake callipers a year.

Floating callipers and fixed callipers are the most used kind.

Brake callipers are hydraulic actuators, relying on fluid pressure to cause movement.

Brake callipers boast different torque specifications depending on the manufacturer.



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