Brake Drums


Brake DRUM Product Overview

Reliable and efficient brake drums are essential components for a safer driving experience. Those manufactured by the MAT Foundry Group are crafted with precision. Our parts meet stringent industry standards, offering superior performance.

Engineered from durable materials, brake drums excel in heat dissipation, contributing to a significant reduction in braking fade during prolonged use. Rigorous testing ensures they surpass industry benchmarks for wear resistance, providing a longer lifespan compared to standard alternatives.


How Do Brake DRUMS Work?

Brake drums have long been integral components in a vehicle's braking system, playing a pivotal role in ensuring safe and efficient stopping power. Engineered with care, our brake drums operate on a fundamental principle of friction and heat dissipation. When the brake pedal is engaged, hydraulic pressure is transmitted to the brake drum, causing brake shoes to press against its inner surface.

Our meticulously crafted brake drums, forged with high-quality materials, excel in heat dissipation, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent braking performance. This design not only promotes longevity but also contributes to enhanced safety on the road. Tested to industry-leading standards, our brake drums are proven to deliver reliable stopping capabilities, meeting and exceeding the demands of diverse driving conditions.

Choose confidence in motion with our premium brake drums, where cutting-edge engineering and uncompromised quality converge to provide your vehicle with the reliable stopping power it deserves. Elevate your driving experience with our industry-leading brake drum solutions.


Brake DRUM Facts

Brake Drums have been around since 1900, officially patended in 1902 by Louis Renault.

An estimated 6.5 million tons of brake discs and drums are produced globally every year.

Sales of brake drums are expectd to increase 12% worldwide between 2024 and 2029.

60% of the world's brake drums are used in passenger vehicles, whilst 40% are utilised in industrial vehicles.



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