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With over 7 decades of casting experience, MAT Dania are a specialist foundry and machining facility for high quality hydraulic castings and machined components.

MAT Dania Facts

  • Based in Aars, Denmark
  • Operating since the 1950s
  • Specialise in hydraulic components, pump housings, valves and bearing housings
  • Foundry capacity of 26,000 tonnes
  • Spanning two locations: Denmark and Poland
  • Boast an in house pattern shop

Company History


Jernstoberiet Dania A/S founded in Aarhus.


Dania moves from Aarhus to Aars.


Dania enter into machine shop business.


Dania A/S sold to MAT Holdings Inc.


Machine shop founded in Poland by Dania.


MAT Dania joins MAT Foundry Group under a new name.

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