Dania Exhibiting at Hannover Messe

Dania, leaders in hydraulic and machined components, will be in attendance at the prestigious Hannover Messe event between the 24th and 28th April.


Hannover Messe began in 1947 as a way to reignite the ravaged German economy following the tumultuous years of the Second World War.

The British occupation recognised that international investment would be the most efficient way of doing this and thus the Hannover Messe (or Deutsche Messe) was born.

The resulting $32million dollar investment from 53 countries began a national revival. By today’s standard that’s the equivalent investment of $359million so the overwhelming success of the event cannot be understated.

Seventy years on and Hannover Messe continues to draw exhibitors and investors from around the world.

Every facet of technology will be represented under a single roof, providing businesses and investors the opportunity to explore innovations in markets ranging from industrial automation to advanced drive technologies.

Exhibiting in Hall 5, Stand E14, Dania will be there to demonstrate its incredible talent for casting and machining specialist automotive components.

To discover more about the products Dania and the rest of the MAT Foundry Group produce click here. If you’re interested in working with us contact us today.

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