Calaveritas Event Held at Mincer HD

At MAT Foundry Group and MINCER HD, we recognise our team is fundamental to our overall success.

For this reason, our Human Resources programs include integration and development activities for the families of those behind the scenes.

And on November 1st 2022, we held our second successive “Calaveritas MINCER HD” event at our Mexico plant.

In a traditional offering customary in Mexican Culture, we spotlighted various castings manufactured in Gray Iron, Nodular and Machining plants. This allowed the sons and daughters of our partners to familarise themselves with MINCER HD products in a colorful and fun exhibition enjoyed by the entire family.



The imagination and creativity of the next generation were then displayed by way of a costume contest, followed by events geared around decoration and literary skills.


Selecting a winner was far from easy, given the talent on show and the care taken to style outfits and face paint.

The successful entrants did however scoop bicycles and drones by way of an award.

Every child that attended, without exception, received a pair of toys for their welcome participation.

The day proved a huge success and showcased our team spirit.

Learn more about Mincer HD here >>

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