Advancing Innovation and Sustainability: MAT Foundry Group's Visit to Pachuca, Mexico


In a significant stride towards innovation and sustainability, MAT Foundry Group recently conducted a visit to our new facility in Pachuca, Mexico, aimed at assessing the progress of construction at the site where foundations are currently being laid. This venture marks a pivotal moment for MAT Foundry Group as we gear up to manufacture 800,000 brake drums annually for the commercial vehicle sector, with the anticipated start of series production scheduled for June 2025.


MAT Foundry in Pachuca


The cornerstone of our manufacturing prowess lies in the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. The forthcoming facility in Pachuca will be equipped with cutting-edge furnaces sourced from ABP, a leading provider of advanced melting solutions.

Pouring technology will be facilitated by Pourtech, while the molding line and sand plant are set to feature the latest advancements from Savelli. The shakeout and cooling processes will be seamlessly handled by General Kinematics, and Pangborn's expertise will be harnessed for shotblasting—a comprehensive integration of technologies that underscores our commitment to delivering excellence.

The scale of our production capacity, aimed at reaching an annual output of 800,000 brake drums, is a testament to MAT Foundry Group's dedication to meeting the demands of the commercial vehicle sector. The targeted series production commencement in June 2025 aligns with our commitment to timely and efficient delivery.




Beyond technological advancements, our Pachuca facility is unwaveringly committed to placing sustainability at the forefront of our operations. By meticulously selecting partners who share our vision, we are poised to minimize our environmental impact while maximizing efficiency. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us—it's an integral part of our business strategy.

The environmental consciousness of the facility is reflected in every aspect of its construction and operations. The choice of suppliers, such as ABP, Pourtech, Savelli, General Kinematics, and Pangborn, is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly and energy-efficient manufacturing. We recognize the importance of responsible production, and this facility stands as a beacon of our dedication to a greener, more sustainable future.



As we witnessed the progress in Pachuca, the MAT Foundry Group is not just constructing a facility; we are building a legacy of excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility. We look forward to the day when the first brake drum rolls off the line, embodying the culmination of technology, precision, and sustainability at MAT Foundry Group's new facility in Pachuca, Mexico.



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