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MAT Foundry Group are pleased to announce that our MAT Machining Europe, (MME) facility in Immenhausen, Germany will be receiving an iron chip/swarf transport and treatment system.

Treatment System

Cometel are a family run business based in Spain and produce treatment machines for any scrap, which results from metallic processes. This treatment system is ideal for our MME plant, where machined components for the commercial truck and trailer business produce an extensive amount of swarf. Once treated we’ll be able to transport the swarf to our other fouCometel Hopper 1ndries for use in production, recycling MME’s waste.

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Processiron chip treatment system

Firstly, the swarf will be poured into a hopper that transports them to the first conveyor, leading to the centrifuging machine. There are two spindles that ration out the swarf load into the conveyor, which can be seen in the below image.

The conveyors are specifically made for the transportation of swarf; consisting of steel hinges, the belt design ensures no pieces are able to protrude through gaps and damage the system. 

By means of the conveyor to the centrifuge, the swarf is introduced into the bottom of the drum, where it accelerates the fragments and they collide with the non-perforated area of a screen, forming a ring of swarf. The lifting bottom raises and pushes the ring of swarf, to the perforated area of the screen, where the coolant or emulsion passes through the perforations of the screen.

This degreases the swarf and all oils and coolants enter the filter and transfer tank respectively, to be recycled. Once treated in the centrifuge, the swarf is then transported on a near identical conveyor up to the distribution area. At the end of the conveyor is a gable fixed tray for the accurate distribution of the swarf.


Recycling at MFG

At MAT Foundry Group we always endeavour to reuse and recycle as much of our waste as possible and the new Cometel treatment system allows us to repurpose a waste item from MME, into a material for our automotive components.

Specifically, MAT Foundries Europe in Neunkirchen will be re-melting the swarf from MME in their furnaces for the production of brake calipers & carriers, Diesel injection pump housing and backing plates.

Treating the swarf prior to use, lowers the amount of slag produced in the melting process. This reduces the amount of slag needed to be disposed of and our carbon footprint, with vehicles coming to collect less frequently.

Not only will the swarf at MME be able to be recycled and reused, but the treatment system filtration process allows MME to reuse the oils and coolants again for future use. Once again, with less fluid to be disposed of and purchased, our supply chain carbon footprint will be reduced.

GIFA 2019

Cometel will also be present at GIFA 2019 this year, showcasing their residue recycling range.

Not only will they have the same treatment system MFG have just purchased at their stall, but they will also include their smart solutions for the conveying and distribution of scrap metal. This includes a full breakdown of the metal scrap conveying pit installations, channel conveyors, swivel chutes and weighing systems.

Furthermore, their design and production of smart solutions for the recycling industry, will delve into the latest conveyor and sorting machinery; providing their customers with the best equipment to recycle waste.


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