13th Nov 2019

4 mins

Bloodhound's 1000mph Land Speed Record Attempt - What Happened Next?

Two years ago we wrote about a car turned rocket ship that promised to break the land speed record and inspire a new generation of engineers. Big plans however quickly gave way to big problems and after much fanfare the very future of the Bloodhound project soon hung in the balance.

Now it's returned from the brink and we’ve taken a look at how. What went wrong and why, from near extinction, are things suddenly back on track? Could the sacred 1,000mph barrier be reached after all?


14th Oct 2019

3 mins

Why Do Electric Vehicles Need To Make Sound?

When electric vehicles first came to prominence, sound, or a lack thereof, was held up as both a defining and appealing feature. Soon heralded as ‘quieter cars’, EVs certainly packed less of a sonic boom, particularly at speeds lower than 20mph.

Fast forward two decades however and motoring authorities want to crank up the volume. And as stage handler’s set-up a rock concert, the National Highway Traffic Society pass laws. The end result, they hope, is the same – things are about to get pretty loud.

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