20th Sep 2018

3 mins

What Is E10 and Why Is It A Problem?

Within two years your local garage forecourt may very well be selling an environmentally friendly fuel billed as E10. Despite aiding efforts to cut greenhouse emissions nationwide there is one notable drawback … not all cars will be compatible.

Yes, as unlikely as it seems, almost one million of us will be warned off this ‘greener gas’ due to the sheer age of our vehicles. Moreover, it is not just archaic motors excluded from the party.


20th Aug 2018

4 mins

Are You Using Your Air Conditioning Correctly?

The UK is in the midst of a summer heatwave and as temperatures soar so too does the need for an effective air conditioning system. When left parked in the sun your car takes on the role of a steel sweatbox, one you soon have the misfortune of having to clamber back into.

Come such time an inclination to hit the AC button is instant, heck if a bucket of ice was handy you would probably immerse yourself in that just as quickly.

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