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  • greatest-roads-listing-2020-small

    The Greatest Driving Roads In The World

    2nd May 2017

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  • f1-listing-2020-small

    How Have Formula 1 Brakes Evolved?

    28th Apr 2017

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  • torque-converter-listing-2020-small

    What Is A Torque Converter and How Does It Work?

    26th Apr 2017

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  • hermes-vor-himmel 555x300

    Dania Exhibiting at Hannover Messe

    20th Apr 2017

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  • MeltingAndPouringGrab

    Melting and Pouring [VIDEO]

    20th Apr 2017

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  • MincerPhoto

    MFG welcomes its first Management Graduate

    19th Apr 2017

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  • closing-speeds-listing-2020-small

    What Are Closing Speeds (And Why Do They Matter)?

    6th Apr 2017

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  • MAT Neunkirchen

    MAT Neunkirchen Flyby [Video]

    30th Mar 2017

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  • mercedes-1737909 640

    Are Lighter Wheels a Waste of Money?

    30th Mar 2017

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  • People of MAT Thumb

    The People of MAT Foundry Group [Video]

    28th Mar 2017

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  • MAT-Foundry Products-2016--32

    How Does A Differential Work?

    24th Mar 2017

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  • Mercedes Benz E63 AMG vs Audi RS6 Avant at the Nurburgring

    How Track Cars Differ From Road Cars

    23rd Mar 2017

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  • cloudy-1866581 1280

    Keep On Trucking - The Future of The Industry

    15th Mar 2017

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  • nasa-em-listing-2020-small

    Could NASA's EM Drive Work In Cars?

    12th Mar 2017

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  • collision-listing-2020-small

    Collision Avoidance - A New Wave In Road Safety

    7th Mar 2017

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  • hybrid-racing-listing-2020-small

    Hybrids in Professional Racing

    3rd Mar 2017

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  • callipers-listing-2020-small

    Brake Calipers - How Do They Work?

    27th Feb 2017

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  • prime-braking-listing-2020-small

    Mercedes Brake Priming Technology

    22nd Feb 2017

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  • Dalian Thumb

    MAT Dalian Facility Flyby [Video]

    21st Feb 2017

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  • armoured-listing-2020-small

    Active Safety in Armoured Vehicles

    17th Feb 2017

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  • MachiningVideoThumb

    Machining Brake Discs [Video]

    16th Feb 2017

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  • fuel-injection-listing-2020-small

    Fuel Injection Systems - Then & Now

    15th Feb 2017

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  • MFGCapture

    MAT Foundry Group Showcase Video Live [Video]

    7th Feb 2017

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  • handling-listing-2020-small

    The Science of Car Handling

    1st Feb 2017

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  • IMG 9001

    Mincer HD Expansion Draws to Completion

    17th Jan 2017

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  • utility-listing-2020-small

    The Rise of The Sports Utility Vehicle

    11th Jan 2017

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  • nitrogen-listing-2020-small

    Is The Future of Automotive Nitrogen Cars?

    13th Dec 2016

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  • 20161011 105138-large

    Schmidt Automotive Breaks Ground

    1st Dec 2016

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  • winter-driving-listing-2020-small

    Winter Driving Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

    28th Nov 2016

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  • matfoundrygrouplogostacked 555wC2

    MAT Foundry Group website goes Live

    21st Nov 2016

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  • interconnectivity-listing-2020-small

    Interconnectivity On The Roads

    15th Nov 2016

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  • nascar-listing-2020-small

    NASCAR - Controlling The Power

    7th Nov 2016

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    Major Expansion of Mincer HD

    7th Nov 2016

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  • ethics-listing-2020-small

    The Ethics of Driverless Cars

    1st Aug 2016

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  • fea-whitepaper-hub-listing-small

    FEA Simulations for Thermal Data

    6th Jul 2016

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  • ContinentalShot

    Eurac named Continental AG Supplier of the year 2015

    29th Jun 2016

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  • fea-hub-listing-small

    Streamlining Production of Brake Discs

    7th Jun 2016

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  • hybrid-listing-2020-small

    What Are The Benefits of Modern Hybrid Cars?

    1st Jun 2016

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  • mclaren-listing-2020-small

    5 Automotive Innovations in McLaren's P1

    1st May 2016

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  • slide-1-large

    Majority Acquisition of Schmidt Maschinenbau

    1st Apr 2016

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  • 2000px-ZFLogoCropped2

    MFG named ZF TRW Supplier of the Year 2015

    1st Mar 2016

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