9th Oct 2017

4 mins

Cyclists - How Can Motorists Keep Them Safe

In the never ending battle for space on Britain’s highways one particular group is at the focus of more controversy than any other. We are of course are referring to cyclists.

Cyclists have almost become the de facto road user everyone loves to hate in recent years, occupying some sort of grey area between pedestrian and motorist.  Whenever an initiative is launched to improve cyclist safety it is usually met with derision and anecdotes of maniac cyclists running roughshod over the rules of the road.


22nd Sep 2017

4 mins

How Health Monitoring Could Save Lives

Driver health monitoring isn’t really anything new - in the world of motorsports at least. Driving on the road and driving on the track are so fundamentally different that they require a completely different ways of thinking and each provide completely different stresses.

It would be easy to assume that racing at the limits of what is humanly possible would be more challenging considering there are times when a driver is one incorrect micro-adjustment away from certain death.

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