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“Data is the new oil” is a quote credited to Mathematician Clive Humby, who back in 2006 proclaimed that data would be as valuable as oil. Fast forward to 2019 and the plethora of successful data-driven companies in the market, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook; arguably proves him right. However, that’s where the comparisons between oil and data stop – although a rare commodity, once oil is found the process of refining it and selling it is very straight forward. Whereas data is easily and readily collated by all businesses, but how best to use it eludes even the biggest.

Data at MFG

With over 7 foundries and 8 businesses across the globe, sufficient supply of data has never been an issue for our teams at MFG. Yet how best to translate this data and get the best value from it, is something that has been at the forefront of our minds for some time. Luckily our long-term supplier Norican Group, approached us with a proposition – a solution that would answer our what if questions and boost productivity.

Unifying the equipment and extensive foundry solutions expertise of DISA and Wheelabrator, and the digital know-how of Norican Digital, an IIoT solution built around Norican’s Monitizer Global platform is now in place. This allows us to collect, monitor and analyse complete foundry data – initially from two of our key EURAC sites, Poole (UK) and Hradec (Czech Republic) – to fulfil our productivity ambitions.

Eurac Poole Flyover - MAT FoundryHradec Flyover - MAT Foundry











The Case Study

Norican group have recently published a case study, going into further detail regarding their methodology and the capabilities this new project could potentially yield. You can find the case study here;


Norican Monitizer - MAT Foundry

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